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Increased Synchronicity

Increased Synchronicity
Mind Travel, Retrocausality & Time Synch

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This PATH is designed to energetically assist you in forging a link between your past, current and future self. This is done by transference of information from your current self to your past self and from your future self into your current consciousness. In doing this, you can experience increased synchronicities, retro-causation and an amplified awareness of the present moment.

Feelings of peace and calm, vivid and lucid dreaming, and increased insight have all been reported. Also, this PATH will assist you in being progressively more present in the moment and aid you in finding serenity and security in yourself.

This PATH can support your mind's ability to:

  • Increase in awareness of the present moment. Fully appreciating the here and now
  • Have future self send information back through time to current moment. This is specific for the following periods of time...1 minute, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 3 months
  • Have current self send current information back through time to past self. This is also specific for the following periods of time...1 minute, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 3 months
  • Increasing unity/harmony between past, present and future self

There are 3 different versions of this PATH. The default version contains instructions that will transfer information from your current self to yourself 3 months in the past and from your future self 3 months in the future to your current self.

The other 2 versions of this PATH are as follows:

1. Information received by current self from 1 year in the future, and information from current self is sent back 1 year to past self

2. Information received by current self from 5 years in the future, and information from current self is sent back 5 years to past self

If you would not like to use the default version, but one of the other versions listed above, you may send an email into info@paths-vx.com requesting which version you would like.

Note: In some testimonials clients refer to Modules. These are what we now call PATHS and they are located on the Products page.

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this module! (Increased Synchronicity) When I became a "blind" test subject for this one last July, I noticed the effects immediately!

I LOVE the deep sleep that is filled with dreams that are like MOVIES and the constant feeling of being exquisitely Present is more delicious than I can describe! And the delightful synchronicities are continuous! When it was removed from my theatre in September, I noticed the difference within days and Holy Moly, did I ever miss it! Of course, I simply HAD to add it again ASAP because it is simply SO MUCH FUN!!!

I do believe that it also causes my meditations and visualizations to be even more powerful! Talk about the Power of NOW!!! WoooHoooo!!!

Once again, I must add... PATHS!!! You Beauties just...

~Pamela Sweda


The synchronicities, manifestations, and intuition that I am now receiving on a daily basis is absolutely blowing my mind - and I mean this in a most fantastic way.

These are just a few things that I have experienced in the past month:
knowing with a certainty what someone is about to say before they open their mouth
received more sales territory in my job at work while there was nothing available to be had (someone voluntarily gave up a portion of theirs)
consistently making my sales goals at work while others are only hitting 30% or less of theirs
I wanted to read about Seth and Sharyn (on energetic forum) posted a link without knowing I was thinking about it
I "knew" that someone at work was putting in his notice even...

~Pamela Vicik-Smith


I am liking this module! It's fun, all right. (Increased Synchronicity)

I've always experienced a lot of synchronicities, but they have usually been small and insignificant - intriguing perhaps, but not enough to be of any practical use to me.

Yesterday I had a big one! I was asked at very short notice to help a young lady prepare for an English speech contest. When I met and and questioned her, I found by sheer coincidence (yeah, right!) that the main adjudicator of the contest is a university professor whom I've worked with several times in the past. I know him well enough to know all his (linguistic) likes and dislikes, and especially his pet peeves when it comes to spoken English... therefore I was able to advise her in nitty-gritty detail about the...

~M.J. Cross